DermaFRESH Pre-soaped washing gloves and sponges
DermaFRESH Calculator

DermaFRESH single-use gloves and sponges significantly reduce the resources necessary to bathe patients, while still providing a dignified experience.

Test-it yourself:

Time and Labor Cost

  Cost per bath
Current Method:
Hourly rate of personnel $ $
Number of personnel required to bathe a client
(set-up, transport, bathing & clean-up)
Average time to bathe someone (minutes) min min
Total bathing time (personnel x average time)
Time to gather material and fill basin (30 ft corridor and all material in same area as the sink) min min
Time dispose of material including basin - assuming you do not have to clean/disinfect it min min
Total time for standard bath (min):

Labour cost per bath = Hourly rate * total time in hours


Material used to bathe a client

  Cost per bath
Current Method:
  Cost qty total qty total
Bar of soap $
Laundry: towels and bathing cloths $
Cost per towel lost (thrown away, destroyed) $
Bathing wipes (ex. Sage™, Ready bath™) $
Microwave usage $
No rinse body wash (ex. Bedside care™) $
Shampoo or perineal foam (ex. Bedside care™) $
Underpad $
DermaFRESH Glove $
DermaFRESH Sponge $
Materials costs used to bathe a client


Economic Impact of DermaFRESH

  Cost per bath
Current Method:
Total cost per bath (time, labor and material)


Other Economic considerations

Disinfection costs/advantages Cost per bath
Current Method:
Bassin disinfection - time, transport to and from room $
Spillage - clean up, extra personnel time & materials, safety concerns $
Cross contamination - Value of Infection risk/cost of moving materials from room to room $
Total cost per bath



Personal Bathing products

Name Description Format
009-102 DermaFRESH Un-scented gloves Bag of 20 gloves
009-120 DermaFRESH Scented sponges Bag of 24 sponges
009-122 DermaFRESH Un-scented sponges Bag of 24 sponges
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